2F Floor Map
Kiosk is not installed in this zone.
Investigation Technology for the Earth
At the Global Environment Detector, images and data showing fluctuations here on Earth are introduced in semi-real-time. There are many interactive displays making it possible to instinctively experience the physics related to light and magnetism, which are the foundation of observation technology.And geomagnetism and magnetic fields are explained through familiar phenomena such as compass.
B.The Science to Investigate the Earth
Investigate the Ground
Investigate Interior of the Earth

Progress in Science and Technology
-Human Design and Creativity-
As civilization has evolved, curiosity has taken the form of a meticulous pursuit of knowledge. For instance, rough stone tools eventually were developed into precision machinery. The rapid progress of science has made our lives more convenient and comfortable; simultaneously creating new problems such as air and water pollution. This exhibit showcases some Japanese inventions from the Edo period onwards. As you can see from these inventions, Japanese culture maintains its unique identity and its close communion with nature, while at the same time having interaction with foreign cultures. An understanding of science and technology in Japan can help guide our future.